‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever.’      John Keats

This site is an  effort to inculcate the habit of reading in young children and also to make them look into their inner selves and find out their potential and passion. A wide range of short biographies are presented to provide a glimpse of   various personalities  who have laid the foundation for a cultured society. They include people from various walks of life with different backgrounds haling from different lands.

 What is the cat doing?               Can cats read?        

   Have you read the story of a cat reading a dictionary?

Have you heard of a talking cat?   

Stories play an important part in the process of building creativity and motivate the reader or the listener to  think, analyse ,reflect and ask questions. This in turn fosters a critical spirit and enables one to have a broader horizon of life and living.

Reading stories is a lot of fun.

Random reading, extracts in the  text in the classroom syllabus and exercises based on the text will further strengthen the reading habit and pave the path to  provide assistance  in finding out areas of interest that may ultimately strengthen character and charter the path to peace and progress.

Rangoli is for both beauty and tradition.

Art and Culture play a predominant role in building personality.An exposure to different activities through reading will thus become a gateway to an understanding of  the inner self.

Reading books is armchair travel.

Books of the hour and books of all times- comics and classics, travelogues, diaries, autobiographies, classics, novels, fiction, history,mythology, poetry and drama, magazines and journals -all contribute to enrich our understanding and appreciation of life.

Life is like a bouquet of flowers


 Follow your passion and you will find joy and happiness in whatever you do.


Let your creativity blossom