Ganesh Utsav


Ganapati Navaratri or Ganesh Utsav is one of the most popular and widely celebrated festivals in the Indian calendar.The festival has a lot of history and significance.He is known to the remover of obstacles and is propitiated before any activity is undertaken, students before writing examinations, builders before laying the foundation, any auspicious activity big or small will always be preceded by an invocation to Ganesha

It is held that the  celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi was started in the tenure of Chhatrapati Shivaji  Maharaj. During India’s freedom struggle  Lokmanya Tilak changed Ganesh Chaturthi from a private celebration to a grand public festival where people from all castes of the society rich and poor, young and old all  come together and pray for peace, prosperity and unity.  It is a time of bonhomie and the air of festivity is accentuated with the music and dance that accompanies the ritual of the immersion of the idol.

A nine day festival almost every street has a pandal with an idol, where along with rites and rituals, cultural programmes are organised. The idol is made with different kinds of materials, ranging from clay to leaves, flowers, coconuts, bangles, pens, pencils, nuts, coins……… There is no limit to creativity.

Some of the various forms of Ganesha.



Eco friendly Ganesha made with pulses.






India is a land of festivals. The cultural diversity of the country is unique. There is no month in the Indian calendar that does not list a festival.

We have different kinds of festivals. Festivals usher in a lot of fun, joy, bonding and provide an insight into the history and culture of the country. Check out the various festivals listed below and think of the festival you like the most.


Are you familiar with all these festivals?



Rakhi is one of the special festivals that celebrates the bond of love, affection , protection and promotes the spirit of caring and sharing that encompasses the entire universe. It has a lot of significance that goes beyond a ritual of tying a rakhi  on the wrist and waiting for a gift.

Let us learn the inner significance of this festival and spread the spirit of universal fraternity and the importance of protecting and preserving Nature.


JANUARY 1  is celebrated as Kalpataru Diwas in all the centres of the Ramakrishna Mission all over the world.

It is the day of a new beginning in life, a search for self and identity, an endeavour to bring  in a sense of fulfilment and peace.

A look at the history and significance of this day.


Jan 1 should thus be a day of new resolutions paving the path to acquire a sense of spirituality .

Check out the poem from Gitanjali—–”Leave this singing and chanting of beads……..”