My wish

What’s your greatest wish?

My greatest wish

.I’d like to fly like a bird.

I’d love to swim like a fish.

But to walk like a man is my greatest wish







Enjoy life

Find time to work.

And time to rest.

Find time to live.

And leave the rest




How did you start your reading habit?

Books, books and books.

I picked up a book by fluke.

It was such a wonderful book.

That it just got me hooked.


What are the different kinds of books?

Yellow book of news.

Black book of magic.

Blue book of rules.

White book of truth.

Green book of life.

Books of all hues.

These enrich one’s life

What can books do ?

Books can make you laugh.

Books can make you cry.

Books can make you think.

And make you rise and wise.


Travel by train

The train so long and majestic.

                  It glides through stations.

                  It speeds along the fields.

                  It crosses rivers and seas.

                  It cuts through villages and towns.

                 And chugs along valleys and mountains,

                 It creeps through tunnels and caves.

             Ever whistling it dances and sings with joy.



Ever moving

Travel by day.

Travel by night.

Travel any time. It’s quite alright.




                             Nature is the best friend of man.


How’s the weather?

The sun is shining,

The wind is blowing.

The river is flowing.

And we are sailing.

Experience nature’s glory!

The roaring waves

The murmuring sea

The gurgling brook

Are all a sight to see.

Mysteries of nature

Hills and mountains

Rivers and lakes,

All covered with snowflakes

Mystic to see.

How do the hills look?

Some hills are big.

Some hills are small.

But big or small

.I like them all.

Fury of nature

Cyclones and gales,

Floods and hurricanes,

Tornadoes and Tsunamis,

Volcanoes and earthquakes,

They all make me quake.





Flora and Fauna. Nature is the greatest teacher.Look into the world of trees.They give us food and shelter.They provide livelihood.They are beautiful.They are a source of life and strength

Just look at these trees!

The trees grow up

The roots grow down

The branches spread around,

And there’s shade all around.

 Trees that teach

The coconut tree is a sight to see.

Tall and stately

It seems to me

To be making out a call to me.