LIVE LIKE A PENCIL

We start writing with a  pencil. There are so many beautiful pencils.

The pencil has to be sharpened before we start writing.

We can always use an eraser if we want to correct what we have written.

The lead of the pencil is what we require if we want to write.

Life is just like a pencil. We should work with joy. We should learn to correct our mistakes.  We should have a pure heart and make our lives happy and peaceful.



Think and answer.

Are pencils colourful?

Are you careful with your pencils?

Do you lend your pencil to others?

Which do you prefer— a pen or a pencil?


1       Improve your writing skills.

Fill the blank with the right word.

  1. I like to ————– with a pen.   (    right, write, rite )
  2. I like to read a  _____________ before going to bed.(story, storey )
  3. I always ________till all my friends come to the playground. (wait, weight, wieght )
  4. I ———–  the school bus at eight ‘o’ clock. (bored, board)
  5.  We have a ———–  near our school on Tuesdays.(fair, fare)

2    Make sentences with the words given.

1  books    cover     labels   stick

2  homework      evening

3. play     friends    evening

4  park   Sundays

5  polish   shoes   morning

Have some fun

3  Unscramble the letters and make a proper word. Make as many three letter  words as you can. You should use each letter only once.





1   write   ,     story   ,wait   ,   board,     fair

2. 1 I cover my books and paste the labels.

2. I do my homework in the evening.

3. I play with my friends in the evening

4 I go to  the park on Sundays.

5.I polish my shoes in the morning.


3  The word is   teacher.

Some words—

eat, ate, tea, cat, chat, hat , hate, heat,hare,  hear,rat, rate,race, tear, ache, arch, chart, cheat, cheer, reach, react,  ……. Think of some more words if you can,.


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