Reading is to the mind, what exercise is to the body.——Richard Steele

Stories are the first step into the world of learning. Moral stories, stories from epics ,Panchatantra Tales, Aesops Fables, Arabian Nights and a host of other story books initiate one into the unexplored fields of imagination. Short stories provide a lot of knowledge and information. Short poems and limericks foster creativity.

Are you a bookworm?

Do you enjoy reading?

The second step in the ladder of reading is taking up abridged books.Short biographies, autobiographies, classics, fiction and non fiction, history, science…. anything that catches your interest.

Lost in the world of books, unaware of time, steeped in the world of imagination, experiencing a thrill of joy.

Reading can be done anywhere ,anytime and in any place.


The third step is identifying your area of interest and embarking on your journey into the world of books.The genres are diverse .

Reading is a bridge that connects humanity

A journey to go beyond the written word and to start the process of delving deep to fathom the truth. There are always two sides to a coin.Take the positive side.