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TKR Academy

Let us grow like a tree……

Over the years there has been a great transition from the simple pleasures of playing, exchanging views, reading for pleasure and leading a leisurely life. The increasing use of technology, the fast pace of life and a search for stability and an unconscious desire to excel are some factors that are robbing the youngsters of the joy of childhood and forcing them to develop all kinds of phobias.

Catch Them Young—- this requires of lot of reorientation , from both the elders and the youngsters.

The need of the hour is a focus on the small things that can inspire, motivate and enable the youngsters to set out on the right path to acquire and share values like respect, care, concern and understanding that will ultimately help in building a sense of oneness which is the hallmark of humanity.

The joy of being able to go about with an air of confidence and self belief is the one quality that has to be fostered and strengthened. The ability to speak the truth and to accept a mistake are the two weapons with which any person can go through life successfully. It is the endeavour of TKR Academy to facilitate this.


Art, Culture and Communication are three vital components that assist in the blossoming of the personality of an individual. Activities like Craft, Calligraphy, Drawing and Painting, Crossword Puzzles, Poetry, Stories, Quizzes, Word Games, Music and Dance, Gardening, Field Trips and heart to heart conversations develop creativity so very vital for happy living. These are the activities taken up here.